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Mags Boreen

Mags Boreen & More..........

Camus Tower (Camus): The most stunning panoramic views from Maam Cross and Clifden to the Aran Islands and across the Connemara Gaeltacht to Galway Bay, Clare and the Cliffs of Mohar. This is a wonderful location. The story of the Tower is be displayed here soon with a link to the location. I shall also include Camus Tower in the Walks section under Activities. Used by the Black & Tans and the IRA the story need a little more investigation. (Kathleen)

Crumlin Lodge, Indreabhán (Inverin): Crumlin Lodge was built at the turn of the last century. The Brittish Government paid for the building as a getaway for Officers to fish and relax. The plans for the building arrived in Ireland with their material. It seems the plans and material got mixed up with a building project in India. Crumlin Lodge was therefore built mostly from wood and was to stand in the warmer climate of India. In 1997 the owner of Crumlin Lodge, Mr Patrick Helmore died in a blaze which completely destroyed the building. Mr Helmore was the Father-in-Law of Bryan Ferry, the lead singer of Roxy Music. Read More - Click Here.

The Picture on the Album Cover of Avalon was taken from Crumlin Lodge (see right)

Mags Boreen (Bearna): I chanced to met a fella in Barna and I asked him the name of the Baile (Road) I was on. He told me it was ‘Mags Boreen’ named after Mags who lived in the first house on the right hand side. A house that he had renovated himself. He mentioned that Mags was a School Teacher and lived in Barna in the 30’s. She was a bit of a Character in the area. I never got his name but I hope to bump into him again someday. Mags O’Flaherty, he believed her name was…………………….  (Eoin)

Watermine Explodes on Indreabhán Coastline - 1917: This story was posted in 1917. But to this day, the mine was never linked to Germany or England, although this piece suggests the mine was German.

Morning Olympian Olympia, Washington 19 July 1917: Galway Fishermen Killed by Barrel. Galway, Ireland, July 18 - Nine Galway fishermen were blown to pieces a few days ago while examining a German "barrel mine" which they had found at sea and towed ashore. Irish fishermen have made lately a great many lucky hauls of barrels containing petrol, tallow, oils, and similar treasures, supposedly from torpedoed ships. This time they saw a
promising-looking barrel afloat some distance from land, with a convenient handle on each side, and they promptly towed it ashore, rolling it up on the beach for examination.

Four men were in the boat, and six more gathered around while the prize was on the beach. One man, Joseph, had a suspicion of danger, and warned the others, but they paid no attention to him, and he hid himself behind a rock. One of the fishermen removed a couple of screws from the head of the barrel, and then began to pull out a piece of cord. The
explosion which followed was heard miles away, and shook houses four miles distant.

After a time O'Flaherty, who had been wounded in the head with a piece of stone, stood up, but not a trace of the mine or the men was to be seen. There was only a great hole in the beach. Searchers found a portion of the fishermen's boat nearly a mile away. A small boy whose attention was attracted to the group of men on the shore, was running toward them just as the mine exploded. One of his arms was afterwards found near his home, but there was no other trace of him. Read More - Click Here

Furnace Lake & Furnace Bridge (Camus): I need more investigation here but its possible the Lake and bridge were given the name when armourments and weapons were taken during a battle that included the forces of Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O'Malley). The intense heat from the bonfires lasted for weeks. For more information on Grainne and her association with The West, please click here  Grace O'Malley ........(Kathleen)

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